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  • 09.07.2020
Best sex positions for car
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Best sex positions for car

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STEAMY windows and sweaty bodies sliding around on leather seats.

It may sound like that racy scene from Titanic – but in cars up and down the country Brits are getting all revved up.

A survey shows we spend an average of three hours and 24 minutes bonking in cars during our lifetime.
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But what’s the best way to make those sexy manoeuvres?

Here is our Car-ma Sutra – positions to get your engines purring, with models Ed Short and

Jess Gladstone giving them a gearstick pleasure rating out of six.
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Front seat straddle

Jess: “I really enjoyed this one, it was pretty comfortable.”

5 out of 6
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Ed: “It’s a normal position, nothing too adventurous. Plus, I get to sit down and chill out.

4 out of 6

Back seat driver
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Jess: "A struggle to fit on the seat."

2 out of 6

Ed: “I had to keep my legs really straight. Not comfy.”
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3 out of 6

Ball bearings

Jess: “We kept getting stuck to the leather seats.”
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2 out of 6
Ed: “It was hard to get the movement going.”

2 out of 6
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Back seat spoon

Jess: “This position became a logistical nightmare.”

1 out of 6
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Ed: “It was more of a bent spoon. Not sexy. I could barely stay on the seat, let alone have sex.”

1 out of 6

Missionary mile
Ex-CIA officer charged with keeping docs

Jess: “This one was good.”

4 out of 6

Ed: “It’s a classic – I liked it a lot.”
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5 out of 6

Va va voom

Jess: “The position wasn’t uncomfortable but I struggled to get any movement.”
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3 out of 6

Ed: “It was tricky to move.”

3 out of 6
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