• 01:28
  • 09.07.2020
North Korean spyware disabled in Mexico

North Korean spyware disabled in Mexico

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North Korean spyware has been disabled in Mexico following a joint investigation by US and Mexican law enforcement agencies, the Mexican attorney general's office says.

The Fallchill program was discovered on a server belonging to a private telecommunications company in Mexico City by the Mexican Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the FBI.

The attorney general's office said the server had been cut off from the internet and the software destroyed.
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Fallchill was able to extract information from infected hard drives, create, start and end processes in networks, read, overwrite and move files as well as delete itself from the infected system once it had fulfilled its objectives.

It was not immediately clear which businesses or agencies had been affected by the software.

The US Department of Homeland Security said in a statement issued in November that it believed North Korea had been using Fallchill since 2016 to target the aerospace, finance and telecommunications industries.
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In the statement, the department recommended those affected "take necessary measures to remove the malware".
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